Friday, December 18, 2009

Welcome to the Blog

As many of you may know, I'll be going to Asia from December 26th until sometime in May-August. I'll likely not be on facebook or AIM much as I really don't want to be, so I'll be doing updates here. During my study abroad I'll be traveling around a bit to different parts of Asia (preferably Thailand, India, and perhaps Indonesia), so those trips will be written about here. Additionally, I'm trying to get an internship through the State Department during the summer, preferably in Tbilisi, Georgia, and will be finding out about that in the next month or so. If that ends up happening, I'll be flying directly from Hong Kong to Tbilisi after the semester, and returning to Chicago in early-mid August. If said internship doesn't happen, I'll likely travel through Asia for a few weeks, returning to Chicago just before the World Cup.

The first leg of this trip will be 11 days in Japan, beginning on December 26th, so I'll likely blog periodically when I'm there. I'll be heading from Tokyo to Hong Kong January 6th, and starting classes January 11th I believe, or whatever Monday is near that date.

So basically as I said, I'll be updating this blog with my activities in the Orient, so if you care to read it, hope you enjoy

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